& i named her SURELY DIVINE, THE BUS FROM 69. A LOVE AFFAIR. a little over 6 years ago. & now she belongs to someone else. i love you. stay warm in Alaska. stay warm. SHORTBUS DUMBA SHORTBUS ALASKA

 photo IMG_7284_zps8ab0d3cd.jpg  photo IMG_0947_zps099f67bd.jpg  photo IMG_1466_zps67f618bd.jpg  photo IMG_0948_zpsedbccff7.jpg  photo IMG_0368_zps08777af8.jpg  photo IMG_1522_zpscb77d1f2.jpg  photo IMG_6887_zpsd4552d13.jpg  photo IMG_2144_zps1772c6d8.jpg  photo IMG_6804_zpsad0b2c38.jpg  photo IMG_1476_zps8f6c8ae6.jpg  photo IMG_0907_zpsa8c1205e.jpg  photo IMG_0787_zps2bd198c6.jpg  photo IMG_7447_zps3fdf2652.jpg  photo IMG_7403_zpsc23905ac.jpg  photo IMG_0376_zpsbcd5efc0.jpg  photo IMG_1485_zps3666c394.jpg  photo IMG_0387_zps02a59b86.jpg  photo IMG_0369_zpsbe8a4d2d.jpg  photo IMG_2229_zps9c78b175.jpg  photo DSC_0134_zpsde695559.jpg